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TO LOSE MYSELF . PUNE ISTANBUL LAGOS STOCKHOLM . Can I be lose or found in the everydaylife?
Empathy is something that is not questioned as empathy is a trait that we all share. This investigation will use myself as the test person. I want to see how the surroundings influence my behaviour and how my empathy towards other people changes. Do I consider them as objects or subjects? Living in a major city with a high population density, means that I have a lot of people to be considerate towards. In the project I select three international cities to find how the citites differ and how they influence my behaviour. Will my empathy towards other increase or fail?

KU-founded artistic reaserch by the Royal institute of Art in stockholm. Ongoin project, more info comes soon. www.kkh.se
For printed version off the book contact me, for free online version: issuu.com/patriciaaramburu/docs/tolosemyself

***above empathy (exhibition)
***to lose myself (diary)
***Pune - I hate to hate to be a woman
***Lagos - I was like air
***Istanbul - sova