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My skin wears your scream
and even when I grow taller and taller
my feet can't escape our tepid soil
My shape reflect our dream
a dysfunctional world that I am shame of
but above everything the only home I know

I am trapped in my emotions,
wrapped in your green light.
I wear your skin’s oblation
like you carry my bone’s weight

Du tränger in i mig som en flisa... och vandra genom min kropps alla hörn;
du tatuerar mig som ett ärr... och skyddar mig emot känslotumör;
du klämmer ur mig alla ord... som ekar bortom all förblödning eller sorg;
för du är den som inspirerar mig... att återfödas till en vild ton

det är en nyfiken kropp som kliver in diskret,
men det är huden som leder bland klottret,
för hur kan den förneka ord som läker sår...
en värld skapad för att måla om alla spår...

I walk like if I am running;
never jump, only trample.
I dance into the sound;
always keep what I found.
…and even when I am crawling,
I see the problems as below me,
because nothing can bring me down,
not even the scars on me feet.
I walk like if I am flying;
never glide, always trample.
I jump into the gorge,
always keeping the urge.
…and even when I am falling,
the scars are beneath my skin.
I know anything can hurt me,
but my hunger keeps me free.

I hate to hate to be a woman
to be reminded every second
the lack of respect that I received
from a big percent of the population
I hate to hate to be a woman
to be the offer of your ignorance
but don’t expect me to have tolerance
because every single crime has a cost
I hate to hate to be a woman
to be constantly mislead to be inferior
when you know that I am the warrior
capable of creating or destroy your world
I hate to hate to be a woman
to have the patience to go beyond
but my skin is made of reflecting diamonds
so don’t except forgiveness, only war!

I am what they made me
A piece of skin cut in slices
You think, it is the hand that made the cut that damaged me
But it is all them that let me bleed in wonder that disappointed me
I am what you see and beyond
Because I don’t have innocent to hide behind
My skin have dried into a titan shield ready to attack
So I will fuck you with my words or silence whatever makes you crack
I write because the true is unkind
I stick a knife in to the mind
Of those who hide behind
I am what they made me
The egocentric water that will carry or sink you
And as the superficial fool I pretend to be and maintain
I am what I want! Proud to be the one that constantly remain
I am what you see in pain
With a hunger obsess to make someone pay
My body is the background of a war of construction
And between rain of pain I enjoy my sweet destruction
I run until I am dangerous near
I run miles until I tear
All the fucking fear

i miss the way i cried... until my body got tired
i use to know how to smile but now i just fake my fire
steps i go steps i leave
so what can you expect of me?
i am addicted to get lost
that's why i smoke the world
steps i go steps i leave
pretending is me you need
will not keep me here
i miss the way i lied... until my mind got lost
i use to know how to dream but now i just buy my lust

Soon, soon, very soon...
like a black cloud over my soul, 
full of heavy thoughts, ready to fall,
Soon I will scream the true and ask the question,
a painful thunder… with bitter taste
will squeeze your bones, until you talk
Soon I will forget and time will be sufficient
to stop my storm and give me silence
soon, soon enough